Cover Magazine Summer 2015

The Doble & Strong Rug Collection by Behruz Studio, profiled in UK Cover Magazine, Summer 2015

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Vogue Living Australia March-April 2015

Jason Mowen profiled in Vogue Living with works by Doble & Strong.

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Charlotte Coote / Design for Mirabel, July 2014

Doble & Strong work featured in the room designed for Design for Mirabel by Charlotte Coote.

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Jason Mowen in Belle October 2014

Robert Doble and Doble & Strong works appear in this beautiful Sydney interior by Jason Mowen, featured in Belle, October 2014

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Interior+Design Russia

Interview with Jason Mowen with works by Doble & Strong and Robert Doble

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New Zealand House and Garden May 2013

Simon Strong's 'Between Light and Shadow' 2010 seen in Jarrod Haberfield and David O'Connell's Toorak home. Photography: Shannon McGrath

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bric-a-brac #11

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Doble & Strong on QCP.org and Lucida Magazine

Sancintya Simpson interviews Robert Doble & Simon Strong: QCP Profile of the Month

Painter Robert Doble and photographer Simon Strong, work as a collaborative to create works which mix their mediums. Thick, textural paint, layer glossy type-c prints. The duo photograph and paint sensuous nudes, grotesque and fetishistic; the themes derived from medicines current impact on contemporary society.




MCRI Art for Science 2011

The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute "Art For Science" Art Auction is on again this year to raise funds for the institute. Doble & Strong have contributed a new work to the auction.

The work is entitled  Sensory 2011, gloss enamel on chromogenic print mounted on aluminium composite board  124.0 x 86.5 cm, courtesy of Blockprojects.

We thank Victor at Colour Square for donating the framing of this work.



Artist Artists @ Benalla Art Gallery

"Prosoma" curated into the exhibition "Artist Artists" curated by Robert Hirschmann at Benalla Art Gallery, from 30 July - 25 September 2011.


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